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Special mid season  price for fully Fitted anodised IECON masts
 ( includes all fittings halyard and shrouds.)  


Price for fully fitted  anodised high tensile boom

( includes vang and outhaul control lines)


Keeley masts can be supplied anodised and fully fitted

$ 1000

Masts and booms fully fitted by IECON Boats

now have a lifetime warranty.

The IECON mast is the ideal mast for all conditions. It has  medium overall weight and middle of the range stiffness.

IECON also supplies the ULTRA mast. The ultra mast can be ordered custom made to the stiffness and weight required by the top of the fleet sailor.

Ultra masts and booms are only supplied black anodised and only supplied fully fitted.

Ultra mast   $1265

Ultra Boom   $935

Limited warranty applies to Ultra masts and booms.